RMJM produced three distinct densities of façades for each office building, based on the site context and solar studies.

Leading global architectural network RMJM has announced that it has been appointed as a lead architect for the Meydan project, an interconnected office park located in an upcoming area of Riyadh.

Following the client’s brief and ambitious vision, RMJM focused on creating a venue to attract top talent and become a popular entrepreneurial hub. RMJM said its Dubai office developed the masterplan based on many factors such as the workplace environment, its adaptability, accessibility, and sustainability.

The studio produced three distinct densities of façades for each office building, based on its understanding of the site context and solar studies. Each building’s corners have rounded edges, symbolising the continuous and seamless nature of the building’s core business functions.

Each building will have a distinct characteristic corresponding to the four seasons following the landscape concept. The rooftops provide a chance to have office spaces closely connected to the landscape, so the team treated them as such, with a green edge all around and space between for seating outside.

The shaded nature of these spaces give a chance to use outdoor dining nearly all year round, said Yasuko Kobayashi, Associate Director, RMJM Dubai. “An infinity park was designed to welcome the visitors with a sculpted statement gate, an infinity mirrored boundary walkway, ‘Instagrammable’ components and a generous amount of relaxed seating furniture. The team studied the sun path carefully and created mounds and berms with trees at the crests.”

“To make the development truly unique and outstanding, we have developed a cultural speciality – ‘Arabic headscarf’ as our key design concept,” he explained.

“Our design approach was based on studying and converting the cultural symbols into contemporary architectural language and designing them in different scales,” he added.