Reynaers’ marketing campaign ... a success.

Reynaers Middle East (RME), the Bahrain-based regional office of the leading European aluminium solutions provider Reynaers, says its recent marketing campaign to engage with the Business to Consumer (B2C) audience in the Middle East has been a success and it has received many inquiries as a result of it.

The campaign was launched in the last quarter of 2021 in a bid to drive home the message that it offers the ideal product for luxury homes and villas.

“In keeping with the current trends of influencer and video marketing, Reynaers Middle East embarked on a very different but ambitious marketing approach with this new campaign, as Reynaers Aluminium predominately adopts a Business to Business (B2B) model, where fabricators are the end customers,” Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of Reynaers Middle East, explains.

RME has supplied aluminium systems for the doors and windows and facades of some of the most luxurious and contemporary homes featuring cutting-edge technology and offering superior performances.

A three video series featuring prominent Bahraini actors was filmed at the iconic Bahrain landmark Four Seasons Bahrain Bay hotel, where some of Reynaers’ versatile and sophisticated aluminium systems have been installed.   The video highlights the fact that the husband, who has been on the look-out for aluminium doors and windows for his villa, is fascinated by the systems in place at the hotel.

An offline and online marketing campaign was launched and executed around this series, the objective of which was to boost the Reynaers Aluminium brand awareness in the B2C segment.

The video aimed to create a stir in the homes segment of the market, Khalaf comments.

“Another key message we wanted to convey to our stakeholders is that Reynaers Aluminium is a multi-faceted organisation providing the full spectrum of aluminium systems where the two extreme ends of project types are showcased in our promotion. From the state-of-art Four Seasons Hotel to the home of the protagonists in the video Zuhair and Khatoon, Reynaers Aluminium can provide the right fit – whether it is solutions for highly specialised projects or modern homes,” he adds.

The campaign has helped Reynaers Aluminium enhance awareness in the Middle East that it provides luxury systems for homes and luxury villas, according to Khalaf.

Some of the more popular product series for the homes segment include the ES 50 inward and outward opening windows, the CS 77 for thermally insulated doors and windows and the CP 130 sliding doors series. The CF 77 and 68 are the other preferred choices in the folding door series for home owners.

The video series is available on Reynaers Middle East Instagram account Reynaers_me.

Reynaers Group enfolds its several diverse companies in three business units, namely aluminium architectural solutions (Reynaers Aluminium), steel architectural solutions and building products. Founded in 1965, the Reynaers Group is active in more than 70 countries worldwide with 40 subsidiaries and 2,400 employees.

Reynaers Aluminium specialises in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain-walls, sliding systems, sun screening and conservatories.

Reynaers Middle East is based in Bahrain and caters to the entire GCC region in addition to Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. It has branch offices in the UAE, Egypt and Jordan.