Terrastorm Chassis is an all-wheel drive, all-terrain Flatframe chassis, ready to carry cargo or be converted into a truck.

Torsus, the manufacturer of one of the world’s toughest, heavy-duty off-road vehicles, has unveiled  its latest creation for the commercial sector. Its new Terrastorm Chassis is a versatile all-wheel drive, all-terrain Flatframe chassis, ready to carry cargo or be converted into a truck with a recovery vehicle flatbed, dropside or tipper configuration.

Set to be available to order from January 2022 with prices starting at €51,716 ($58,505), the first Terrastorm Chassis deliveries will commence in 2022 in both left-hand and right-hand drive.

The 4x4 Torsus Terrastorm Chassis, based on a Volkswagen Crafter/MAN TGE 4Motion chassis, features a Euro 6 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine offered in 130 kW/177 hp, mated to a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission.

“Engineered and manufactured at Torsus’ production plant in Slovakia, the team applied its expert knowledge gained from producing the Praetorian and Terrastorm, the world’s first production off-road buses, to design a new ultra-tough 4x4 Terrastorm Chassis Flatframe truck,” says a spokesman for the company.

“Configurable with either a single or double cab to transport people and cargo to some of the world’s most inhospitable places, the Terrastorm Chassis is dependable and pushes the commercial vehicle sector to new limits,” he adds.

Designed to deliver goods and supplies through unreachable forests or pathless sands, the chassis is described as being perfect for the repair and service teams who need to be mobile in mining areas. The Terrastorm Chassis can carry heavy equipment and people to outlying locations where heavy machinery may need to be maintained or repaired.

Terrastorm Chassis will also be a perfect base for rapid reaction all-terrain emergency services vehicles, be it for fire-fighting or delivering medication to rural communities, the spokesman points out.

The Terrastorm Chassis is available in three versions – 70, 100 and 110 – with different lengths and seats capacity. Customers can order the vehicle in single cab (maximum 2+1) or double cab (maximum 6+1) and in medium (3,640 mm) or long wheelbase (4,490 mm), with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,500 kg, 5,000 kg or 5,500 kg. Each comes with automatic or manual transmission, 177 hp (130 kW) or 140 hp (103 kW) engine power and 410 Nm or 340 Nm of torque accordingly.

“As a bare platform, it offers unlimited all-terrain options for industries from farming and agriculture, mining support, service and repair, forestry, cargo transportation, emergency relief, leisure and tourism. The Terrastorm Chassis can be fitted with anything from an RV backend, to a tipper, dropside or crane, making it the most versatile Torsus ever,” says the spokesman.



The Terrastorm Chassis has undergone a rigorous test programme at multiple test facilities in and around the Czech Republic and Slovakia, including the iconic Tatra testing ground. This ensures the vehicle can withstand and handle beyond normal off-road usage whilst remaining usable and comfortable on road. Terrastorm Chassis is engineered rugged and is tested tough, according to the company.

Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, founder and CEO of Torsus, says: “At Torsus, we engineer the ultimate all-terrain commercial vehicles for the mining, oil, farming, defence, emergency transportation and tourist industries. The Terrastorm Chassis sets new standards in the off-road commercial vehicle market. We have taken what we know from Praetorian and Terrastorm and translated it to a more versatile package, whilst the dependability and toughness remain. By working with customers and listening to feedback and their problems, we find solutions to create the ultimate off-road platform for our customers to build whatever they need. 

“Terrastorm Chassis is a vehicle that will be at home in remote settings carrying vital medical supplies to rural communities in a refrigerated cargo box or hauling mining equipment to remote parts. The bare chassis platform offers customers unlimited configurations, it offers complete versatility and the ability to serve multiple markets and industries.”



Terrastorm will be sold through Torsus’ growing international dealer network, where there are a number of high-value ownership options. The vehicles are supported by Volkswagen and MAN service centres, ensuring no matter where the Terrastorm Chassis goes, there will be a service centre nearby. Each vehicle comes with a two-year global warranty and full aftersales support which can be increased up to five years or 400,000 km in selected markets.

Torsus currently delivers to customers across four continents (Europe, Asia, Australia and South America), selling in most of the markets and constantly expanding its own global dealer network.