Showcasing developments that will change the way we live in the future, Dubai Expo 2020’s specially curated ‘Cities of the Future’ visitor journey plots a tour through country pavilions that illustrate how advanced materials, smart technology and big data can make citizens safer, healthier, happier and more productive.

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion, with 6.7 billion living in urban areas, meaning that the cities of tomorrow cannot be accidental in their design, said experts.

Sustainable cities of the future was one of the topics explored during Expo’s Urban and Rural Development Week which concluded on November 6 and probed how we must transform the way we move, build, consume and live in the habitats of the future.

The ‘Cities of the Future’ visitor journey covers country pavilions that demonstrated how we can thrive in the face of challenges and change, including buildings that incorporate natural elements as well as spaces that can quickly transform to meet changing housing or business needs,

Embracing nature, the Poland Pavilion consists of a tree-like wooden structure, with a kinetic sculpture representing flying birds. Inside, visitors can discover municipal policy and modern solutions for urban planning and city transformation.

New solutions in construction and planning are showcased at the Estonia Pavilion, as part of a special exhibition.

The innovative, interactive and collaborative Sweden Pavilion, known as ‘The Forest’, brings to life a growing and perfectly balanced ecosystem. Under the theme ‘Co-Creation for Innovation’, it shows an array of best-practice examples for smart cities, next-generation transport and the bio-circular economy.

At the Future City Lab at the Germany Pavilion,  visitors can put the cities of today (and tomorrow) to the test while exploring interactive exhibits to discover how cities will function in decades to come.

The India Pavilion showcases the ‘Smart City Mission’, an urban programme making smarter and more sustainable cities across the vast South Asia economic powerhouse.

Finally, the China Pavilion features plenty of ground-breaking innovations, inviting visitors to experience the latest 5G, AI and smart travel.