The new crawler cranes in Dubai.

Al Faris Group has recently increased its crawler crane portfolio by taking delivery of four Liebherr crawler cranes in just 12 months. The latest purchase by the Dubai-based crane contractor is an LR 1500 – which is claimed to be the first unit to be delivered to the Middle East. It follows LR 1400, LR 1600/2 and LR 1800-1.0 cranes.

Al Faris is one of the largest Liebherr customers in the world.

Hillary Pinto, the Managing Partner at the company, says: “The LR 1500 fits perfectly into our fleet of Liebherr crawler cranes, which currently comprises three LR 1280 models, two LR 1400 and two LR 1600/2 cranes, an LR 1800-1.0 and an LR 11000. We plan to purchase more crawler cranes in the future.”

In the development of the LR 1500, Liebherr pursued the concept of “powerful – compact – smart”. It delivers the lifting capacities of the 500-tonne crawler crane class throughout its operating range whilst having the dimensions and component weights, which have previously been standard in the 400-tonne class.

It can be transported economically all over the world due to the low transport weights of its individual components. The overall concept of the LR 1500 is designed for simplicity in every respect, according to Liebherr.

“The crane delivers very good lifting capacities whilst having compact, transport-friendly dimensions,” confirms Pinto.

Al Faris currently has more than 500 Liebherr cranes in its fleet.