Azizi has enhanced the landscaping areas by adding more trees, seasonal flowers and child-friendly play areas.

Azizi Developments, a leading private developer in the UAE, has overhauled the designs of its upcoming homes to appeal to customers’ post-pandemic needs. 

Amid the substantial changes in preferences due to the implications of the pandemic on residential developments, Azizi Developments says it has redefined several of its soon-to-be launched designs. For instance, the importance of foyers has risen, as they act as separators between the outdoors and indoors, allowing one’s home to be kept sanitary, where residents can, for example, take off their shoes and wash their hands, it states.

Azizi is now also integrating more non-porous materials that are easier to clean and thereby reduce the likelihood of contamination.

The Emirati developer says post-pandemic workspace at home is also becoming increasingly important for adults to work from home and children to pursue e-learning. Azizi’s units are designed with larger, dedicated, and secluded work areas with more suitable furniture, for these purposes. Moreover, additional amendments to balcony sizes and outdoor spaces were made, with larger such spaces now being in big demand, it states.

The developer has added renowned designers to its team to find new ways of enhancing its project layouts and aesthetics, such as by exploring the role of colours in promoting serenity within its homes, with neutral and demure mid-tones being proven to bring harmony and joy to those residing there.

Chief Development Officer Mohamed Ragheb Hussein says: “Even post-pandemic, we will see these trends continue. Along with the facilities management team and owners’ associations, we have also enhanced the landscaping areas by adding more trees, seasonal flowers and child-friendly play areas, while also upgrading the fitness centres.

Azizi Developments  has also announced the addition of a wide array of new facilities at Riviera, Dubai’s new French Mediterranean-inspired landmark destination, including a 3.2-km running and cycling track winding through the entire community, more than 71 barbecue areas, numerous basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, as well as plenty of parks and greenery throughout.

In June, Azizi had announced the addition of a 2.7-km-long crystal lagoon covering an area of over 130,026 sq m that will stretch across the entirety of the Riviera community.

Hussein says: “We are now using Riviera’s public space to its fullest extent by giving it a purpose for recreational and leisurely activities, effectively encouraging residents’ physical and mental wellbeing and fostering a true sense of belonging. In turn, investor ROIs are enhanced, customers’ expectations are surpassed, and their satisfaction reaches new heights.”

Riviera, a stylish waterfront-lifestyle destination in the heart of MBR City, is planned to comprise 71 mid-rise buildings.