Al Saeh ... renewed interest in Bahrain’s real estate market.

Bahrain’s property market continues to gain momentum, as numerous sectors in the market across the kingdom are benefiting from new-found demand and the start of an economic recovery.

The biggest beneficiaries of this demand are the projects that have larger yet affordable homes, according to the latest report from Property Finder Bahrain.

Despite governmental restrictions due to Covid-19, Propertyfinder’s Bahrain unit recorded an increase of 2.3 per cent for apartment leads, and a 23 per cent jump in leads for villas listed for rent when compared month-on-month for June, highlighting that most users on the site are searching for a bigger space with added facilities and amenities, such as pools, gyms and gardens.

The sale market has also seen a rejuvenation of interest, with leads increasing 14 per cent for apartments for sale, and almost nine per cent for villas for sale in the same time frame.

“We are seeing a renewed interest in the real estate market and can safely assume that according to the numbers we are recording, both the sale and rental market are on an upward trajectory,” commented Khaled Al Saeh, Country Manager of Propertyfinder Bahrain.

“We have also noticed a change in requirements and preferences of end-users, which began during the pandemic, and has continued to create interesting search trends,” he added.

Location wise, the hotspots are Juffair, Manama and Amwaj Islands, which remained the top three ‘most in demand’ areas for apartment rentals in the second quarter.