Halton Marvel, connected via IoT, helps ensure continuous operation and predictable expenses.

Halton Group, a technology leader in ventilation, will begin providing its demand-controlled ventilation system, the Halton Marvel, to commercial kitchens as a service which bring its benefits within reach of more food service operators, such as restaurants, by minimising the capital cost of the system.

The Halton Marvel system, connected via IoT, helps ensure continuous operation and predictable expenses in professional kitchens through predictive maintenance, and can significantly cut their energy costs and carbon footprint, according to the Finland-based company.

“Commercial kitchens use around 2.5 times more energy per building area than any other commercial space. Of this energy, 30 per cent is typically consumed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC),” says Georges Gaspar, Director of Halton Foodservice.

“The Halton Marvel is the most advanced demand-controlled ventilation system on the market, aimed at professional kitchens. The system automatically optimises the ventilation based on the cooking activity by utilising various sensors and artificial intelligence, maximising energy savings by 50 per cent depending on the scale and type of operation in the kitchen,” says Gaspar.

Halton Marvel as a Service, nicknamed as MaaS, includes the Halton Care maintenance service package and the Halton Connect smart digital services, including 24/7 remote monitoring and data analytics. All this is now made available on a monthly operating cost basis.

Over the last 10 years, Halton has delivered more than 4,000 Marvel on-premises installations in professional kitchens around the world through its global partners.

“With this wonderful programme from Halton, our clients are able to manage their operating cost more efficiently without a large investment. This pay-as-you-go model enables our clients to only pay what they consume.  The Halton offer includes maintenance service which is most essential to keep all expenses predictable,”  comments Prim Jitcharoongphorn from Allied Metals Company, Halton’s partner in rolling out the service in Thailand.