Building 11 in Phase One of Riviera has received the BCC.

Azizi Developments, one of the leading private developers in the UAE, said it has received its first building completion certificate (BCC) for its flagship waterfront project, Riviera, located in the heart of MBR City, Dubai.

The BCC was for Building 11 in Phase One of the project; six other buildings in the same phase are now completely energised, with electricity lighting up the world-class development.

Azizi Developments said it is gearing up for delivery of a total of 42 projects comprising 8,895 units later this year.

CEO Farhad Azizi said: “It fills us with immense pride and excitement to see the first building of our flagship 17,000-residence community project receive its building completion certificate, with the handovers of seven buildings to follow between the end of this month (June) and the start of July.”

“MBR City is at the very forefront of the best, most strategically located and growth-inclined parts of the city. Riviera is truly one of a kind, with its superb build quality, well-thought-out designs, convenient accessibility, exceptionally comprehensive range of amenities, stunning views, and its unique, premium community feel,” he added.