Geberit ONE ... a fully-integrated and comprehensive solution for the entire bathroom.

Geberit Group, the European leader in the field of sanitary products, has expanded the choice of products offered to its Saudi customers by unveiling its newest products at the prestigious Voco Hotel in Riyadh.

The event, held early last month (June), was attended by the Geberit Gulf Regional team members including Tamer Qazi, Managing Director Gulf Representative Office, Remo Hirschi, Head of Product Management and Technical Sales Support, and Ahmed El Remeily, Product Manager Ceramics, along with invited partners and stake holders from the Saudi market.

Speaking at the launch, Qazi said: “We, at Geberit, are extremely pleased to add a unique line of products here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, giving us an opportunity to showcase our sanitary systems and solutions. Being pioneers in providing unique added value in the realm of sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics, we are excited to be part of the Saudi consumer’s lifestyle journey.”

The new products launched in the kingdom include some specifically for the region, comprising new additions to the existing in-front-of and behind-the wall-product ranges and will be available this year. On display were the Geberit ONE bathroom series, the redesigned iCon bathroom series, the new Tap Type 80, a selection of flush actuators and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe fittings.

Attendees were keenly interested in the newly developed SuperTube building drainage system.

Tap Type 8 ... hygienic and reliable.

Tap Type 8 ... hygienic and reliable.

The ingenious, flow-optimised Geberit SuperTube technology creates a continuous column of air in the discharge pipe, meaning a parallel ventilation pipe installation is no longer required. The pipelines with smaller dimensions, which cope entirely without ventilation pipes, require significantly smaller pipe ducts, according to Hirschi.

“Traditionally, the GCC market uses a triple-stack drainage design in construction,” he explained. “With SuperTube, the stacks can be installed without any parallel ventilation pipes and can be placed in narrow ducts with smaller pipe dimensions (110d as opposed to 160d). Furthermore, horizontal installation of pipelines of up to 6 m can be installed with a zero slope. This makes it possible to fasten ceiling suspensions extremely close to the concrete ceiling at an offset.”

“With Geberit SuperTube, you achieve an optimised system using less space and fewer products, addressing value engineering and improving the drainage system's function. This technical know-how has been effectively implemented in the UAE, with key developers such as Sobha Hartland for its Creek Vistas project in Dubai,” Qazi pointed out.

Other new products launched on the Saudi market include:

• Geberit ONE bathroom series: This pioneering, fully-integrated and comprehensive solution for the entire bathroom is made possible by integrating many components behind the wall. Cleverly combined in a single system, Geberit ONE demonstrates its many benefits – both obvious and hidden. This means greater cleanliness, more space and greater flexibility in the bathroom, El Remeily said. Geberit ONE, which features a functional design for a better quality of life, offers a wide range of options for designing bathrooms that are aesthetically and functionally convincing.

Attendees were keenly interested in the SuperTube building drainage system.

Attendees were keenly interested in the SuperTube building drainage system.

• Geberit iCon Bathroom series:  The Geberit iCon, which was launched in 2009, was redesigned last year to help sanitary professionals respond even better to specific customer wishes and to provide the timeless series with a fresh look. Nevertheless, the bathroom series’ original identity has been retained. The product’s comprehensive update now includes two new washbasin types with a slimmer ceramic rim: LightRim and the SlimRim vanity basin;  redesigned and expanded bathroom furniture concept (new metal shelf surfaces, towel rails, new colours for both furniture units and handles) to emphasise the modular concept; and a new WC with optimised Rimfree technology for even better flushing out of the WC ceramic appliance and new fastening (type EFF3) as well as seat attachment (EasyMount) and QuickRelease function. The new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs incorporates a newly-developed flush guide made of ABS regranulate, a recycled plastic, which ensures clean flushing.

“No flush rim means no hidden dirt. Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs are completely rimless, meaning they can be cleaned in the blink of an eye. 

“Further innovations facilitate the removal of the WC seat and the quick and secure installation of WCs and bidets on walls.  Type EFF3 significantly alleviates the burden on sanitary professionals. The new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs and bidets are mounted quickly and securely on walls with type EFF3 (Easy Fast Fix) fastening technology. As quickly as the WC seats can be mounted with QuickRelease, they are just as quickly removed again for cleaning,” El Remeily added.

• Geberit Tap Type 80: Made in the US, the Geberit Tap Type 80 is a hygienic and reliable tap for public sanitary areas.  A touch-free electronic washbasin tap in a contemporary design that is both robust and vandal-resistant and suitable for the public washroom, the tap is available in mains or battery versions and with or without a mixer.

Focusing on a core ethos of “Know-How Installed”, Geberit engages with clients –contractors, consultants, engineers, plumbers, architects, and wholesalers, among others – from the early stages of a project to combine its two key offerings: excellent products and competent services.

The globally operating Geberit Group has stamped its superiority in the market in terms of its bathroom products, which include comprehensive installation and flushing systems, piping systems, bathroom systems, and building water flow systems. The group provides a full-spectrum of highly-functional front-of-the-wall products, including ceramics, furniture, mirrors, actuator plates, showering solutions, bathtubs, shower toilets, and sanitary modules. The firm also provides a holistic back-of-the-wall range of products that are seamlessly integrated, quick to install, durable, and easy to service – including sanitary systems and piping systems – to manage all the water flows in a building.

In addition, Geberit offers quintessential products and solutions for public sanitary facilities – including touchless and hidden cisterns and mechanisms, vandal-resistant actuator plates, water-saving flush systems and urinals, touchless taps, and barrier-free solutions – all of which are robust, durable, low-maintenance, and easy-to-clean products, taking into consideration that they have higher user frequency, says Hirschi.

Headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, the Geberit Group has become a global powerhouse for sanitary and bathroom products, specialised in the manufacture and supply of dependable sanitary parts, innovative technology solutions, high-quality bathroom ceramics, and reliable related systems. Its product range consists of sanitary technology, piping systems, ceramic appliances and bathroom furnishings. 

Geberit supports market partners from the construction industry and commerce with a broad range of training opportunities that consistently use digital possibilities but also incorporate practice-oriented courses at one of Geberit's approximately 30 training centres. Furthermore, the employees in the field service team support wholesalers, showrooms, plumbing companies as well as planning offices and architects with personal and, in many cases, also project-related advice. Likewise, property investors and end users can take advantage of an extensive range of information and advice.

With 26 production facilities in Europe and four overseas, Geberit ensures a high level of production and exceptional quality standards.