Officials signing the agreement.

Dubai-based ALEC Engineering and Contracting (ALEC) says it has signed an exclusive strategic partnership deal with Norwegian-based MAT Filtration Technologies and Mat-Kuling for land-based aquaculture, water treatment projects and filtration in both UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Structured to provide a viable, turnkey solution for several of the region’s upcoming megaprojects, the partnership will focus on supporting food security through the development of fisheries, which will utilise Mat-Kuling’s Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), which are especially designed to require less fresh water, while retaining a healthy environment for the fish.

On the deal CEO Kez Taylor says: “Our partnership with MAT Filtration Technologies and Mat-Kuling is a strategic step which will combine the strengths of both companies to provide a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution for aquaculture, thereby supporting the region’s longer-term, self-sufficiency targets.  In addition, we will also be seeking to broaden our scope by looking at future water treatment projects and integrated filtration systems, thanks to Mat-Kuling’s diverse range of technological solutions.”

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing filtration equipment, Mat-Kuling’s product range has been uniquely fine-tuned to make it more operator-friendly, while remaining durable enough to cope with the harsh humid conditions of the Middle Eastern summers.