The Wuxi Grand Theatre in China ... Dasso’s bamboo products installed.

Dasso, a leading China-based innovator of bamboo products which have been installed at regional hospitality projects such as the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort in Oman, Toko Restaurant in Downtown Dubai and Banana Resort in Qatar, is offering a range of products to create distinctive interior and exterior facades and finishes in the GCC.

“Our beautiful, long-lasting and environment-friendly bamboo products can be used in diverse applications – internally, for flooring, ceilings, partitions and furniture; as well as externally, for decking, facades, soffits and decorative elements,” explains Pride Xue, Country Manager of Dasso.

He continues: “Although giant bamboo is technically not a wood but a grass, it has excellent hardwood-like characteristics: it is very hard and durable. This means bamboo flooring and decking can be used in heavy-duty applications.”

Dasso’s decking ... used in various projects worldwide.

Dasso’s decking ... used in various projects worldwide.

Dasso’s bamboo flooring is created using a revolutionary globally patented process, where the entire piece of bamboo is flattened, resulting in a flooring that is extremely durable due to the outer skin layer of the bamboo – which is its hardest part – being preserved, he explains.

This apart, Dasso products offer high resistance to termite, mould and fungal attack.

Dasso products have been used in numerous leisure projects around the world. The Wuxi Grand Theatre in China, for instance, has bamboo installed in the interior as well as exterior of the opera theatre.  The company has supplied bamboo acoustic material for this theatre.

“This is a first in theatre construction where bamboo replaces all wood material to give a natural look and feel,” Xue remarks.

Another interesting project, according to him, is the Nanjing Youth Olympic Park and Plaza, a public waterfront space, where 30,000 sq m of Dasso’s bamboo decking was installed in 2014.

“On this specific project, a section of the walkway is submerged under water for several weeks annually during the rainy season,” he points out.

Xue also mentions the Shanghai World Expo Houtan Park, which was built on a former industrial site. Houtan Park is a regenerative living landscape on Shanghai’s Huangpu riverfront.

“The park’s constructed wetland, ecological flood control, reclaimed industrial structures and materials, and urban agriculture are integral components of an overall restorative design strategy to treat polluted river water and revamp the degraded waterfront in an aesthetically-pleasing way,” he remarks.

Xue says Dasso is looking for similar opportunities in the Gulf region to transform the desert environment and create elegant structures and facilities.

Dasso has the most advanced technology and automated manufacturing equipment and gathered some of the most talented people to enable it to provide bamboo products of superior quality.

In addition to standard products, Dasso group cooperates with design institutes and developers in order to provide customised products, such as the bamboo fire-resistant ceiling of Madrid International Airport; bamboo acoustic material of Wuxi Grand Theatre; and special bamboo elements in the Culture and Art Centre of Fuzhou Strait, among others.

The company claims to have completed more than 1,000 projects in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Other interesting leisure and entertainment projects in China include Kunshan Garden in the 12th China (Nanning) International Garden Expo; Shandong Grand Theatre; Culture and Art Centre of Yuhang District; Yingjia Club at Vanke; Vanke Emerald Park; and Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat.