The project involves upgradation of key utilities including elevators, escalators and HVAC systems and air diffusers.

Boursa Kuwait has embarked on a plan that entails the revamp of the building’s facilities and utilities while ensuring that the renovation is in line with its corporate sustainability (CS) strategy.

As part of the plan, which has been in effect since June 2021, the trading hall and several of the building’s facilities will be closed until further notice.

Currently, the old trading data video tri-colour wall screens and tickers, which were installed in 2005, have been removed from the trading floor and other locations inside the building and on its facades.

New specialised energy-efficient full colour LED video walls and ticker displays that keep pace with the latest technologies will be installed to provide greater possibilities for broadcasting content and contribute to improving the overall trading experience for investors. The new screens will reduce energy consumption by more than 50 per cent in comparison to the old screens.

Boursa Kuwait pointed out that the project also included an upgrade to various utilities across the premises, such as the elevators, the escalators, and the heating ventilation and air condition systems (HVAC) and air diffusers.

This upgrade will reduce energy consumption by more than 20 per cent, it stated.

The project also includes Boursa Kuwait’s intention to cooperate with a specialised organisation to manage the recycling of the discarded wall screens and utilities to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, reinforcing the company’s position as a socially responsible institution that operates in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Commenting on the move, Naser M Al-Sanousi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Boursa Kuwait, said: “We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and take the necessary action to ensure that Boursa Kuwait reduces its environmental footprint by keeping sustainability at the heart of everything we do.”

According to him, the Boursa Kuwait revamps will also feature a designated “Ring the Bell” platform, with a mechanical brass bell that has been manufactured specifically for the exchange and engraved with patterns inspired by the Kuwaiti Sadu traditional weaving. Overlooking the bell-ringing platform will be a fully equipped media hall.

As part of the renovations, the auditorium and training hall will be equipped with the latest audio and video technology to host myriad training seminars and financial literacy programs, in collaboration with specialized local and international companies, he added.